Monday, February 12, 2007

Have you heard?

"When the Dark comes rising, six shall turn it back,
Three from the circle, three from the track;
Wood, bronze, iron; water, fire, stone;
Five will return, and one go alone."
Every so often I hear a whisper of a film version of a book being made that gets me as excited as a four year old boy waiting for the next Power Rangers movie to come out. It has come to my attention they are making a film of The Dark is Rising sequence. I read these obsessively as a child. Susan Cooper is such a genius, not to mention a Newbery award winner. If you haven’t read the series, I highly recommend them. The order of the books goes as such Over Sea, Under Stone, The Dark is Rising, Greenwitch, The Grey King, and Silver on the Tree Then again if you’re not into all that nerdy magical stuff, you might stay away from them. I rank them up there with any of Alexander Llyod’s books, especially his Chronicles of Prydain, and Westmark series. On the whole though I think that I like his Vesper Holly series the most. Who wouldn’t love a good adventure story?

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