Thursday, February 01, 2007

A Novel View

There is this fantastic little bookstore here in Anchorage called A Novel View. It is just great. For a long time it was located in one of the fabulous little houses that are slowly disappearing from downtown Anchorage. The main floor had mystery, romance, Alaskana, and featured authors. If you went up the creaky stairs (paying mind to watch your head so you didn’t hit it on the low ceiling) you would find a wonderful assortment of literature, travel books, and other fun findings. You could then walk through a tiny alcove in which old and valuable books were tucked away. On the other side was a small, cozy, carpeted room with a lot of lovely children’s books. The basement though, oh the fabulous basement (watch your head!) that contained the worst of my secret habits, Sci-Fi paperback. I could spend hours down there digging through stacks and racks of science fiction. Alas, due to unfortunate circumstances they have been forced to move.
At first I was horrified. If not in a creaky, cute little house, then where? I was sure that it would be the last time I ventured to their store. Well, I just got my monthly email from Pat, the owner. She’s informing her loyal customers that they will now be sharing space with the Cook Inlet Book Store. What a great idea! I love the Cook Inlet Book Store. It caries a ton of Alaskana books, and you can always find something interesting. However, I don’t shop there often because I just don’t need that many Alaskana books. Now though, I’m sure to most likely see something I like while visiting the Novel View portion of the store. I hope this joint venture works out for everyone. Good luck Pat! I'll see you for First Friday tomorrow!

Photo by Molly

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